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Romney leads again

NBC News just projected Arizona as a Romney win, giving him a lead in the electoral college vote count. The current score is 162-174

Updated Electoral College count

The count currently stands at 162-162. Several key states remain too close to call. Florida is a hotly contested state, still being reported as 50-50. NBC news is just now reporting that the president has a very slight lead in Ohio with 52% of the votes reported. Romney will have a tough go if he loses Ohio.

The Massachusetts ballot questions

Three questions were presented to Massachusetts voters today, though the first was actually moot because the issue had been settled in a compromise move a few weeks ago.

The way it looks currently is a win for Question one, the so-called right to know law, a defeat for question 2, the death with dignity (physician assisted suicide) law, and a win for the medical marijuana question.

A bad night for Massachuetts republicans

With losses mounting from every corner, Massachusetts republicans are going to remember this night sadly for some time. The most expensive political race in Massachusetts history has apparently resulted in a win for the very partisan Warren over the incumbent, Scot Brown. This race is a history maker not only for its cost, but in its result as Warren becomes the first woman ever elected to the United States senate from Massachusetts. Other republicans apparently going home licking their wounds are presidential contender Mitt Romney, Sean Bielet, Golnik, Tesai and Markey.

New Hampshire goes to Obama

Four more electoral votes move to President Obama’s side of the slate with a projected win in the Granite State. His win here was projected hours ago, but the EC votes were not counted until now. The current count is 162-158

Warren-Brown projection

NBC News has just projected Elizabeth Warren to win the senate seat currently held by Scott Brown. This was the most expensive race for a political seat in this state’s history with the total spent by the two parties as approximately $68 million. 

Michigan goes to the President

NBC News has reported that Michigan, home state of Paul Ryan, has gone to President Obama which, for the moment at least, places him ahead in the electoral college count with 158 to 153. I wonder if the “I like trees” speech there made Romney appear less than presidential to the voters.