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CNN Projects re-election for Obama

CNN has this moment announced that President Obama has won his bid for re-election with a projected win in Ohio with their 29 electoral college votes– more than enough to push him over the 270 vote threshold for a win.

Missouri goes to Romney

Finally breaking the 200 vote barrier, Governor Romney captures Missouri and Alaska. The current vote count is 256-204.

Oregon adds to Obama’s count

With seven electoral college votes Oregon moves President Obama ever closer to a win in his bid for reelection. He now enjoys a 65 vote lead over Governor Romney.


Obama wins Iowa

According to the CNN projection, President Obama has won in Iowa. This gives him a greater lead in the race for electoral college votes. They have also announced that the President has won New Mexico; the current count is 249-191. The president is therefore currently only 21 votes away from re-election.

Obama takes a healthy lead

CNN  projects that President Obama has won Wisconsin, and that Mitt Romney has won North Carolina. The ciurrent count is 238-191 in the president’s favor. According to the current anchor it will be very difficult for Governor Romney to pull off a win tonight with the remaining states and their electoral college delegates.

Warrens pledges

Looking more like she’s about to cry than she did during her campaign…which was constantly how she looked then,,, Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren pledges to fight for the common man when she gets to Washington. She just played the “all the women across American” card, promising, “you better believe we’re going to fight for equal pay and equal rights for all of you”. There’s a line we’re bound to hear played again tomorrow… talking about the records this race set she proclaimed, “and let me be clear…I didn’t build that…YOU built that.”

Brown concedes

At this moment Senator Scott Brown is giving a very upbeat sounding concession speech, energetically thanking his supporters and congratulating Senator Elect Elizabeth Warren. “May she bring that senate office great credit,” says Brown. He reminded people that he has had to wage two campaigns for the same office in the past three years, and spiced up his speech with a punch line, “I now have to break the news to my truck that I now have to take it home.”

He has some goods sound-bites in this speech, “anything is possible, and defeat is only temporary.” He made a point of reaching out to young people to tell them that with hard work, nothing is impossible. Nothing, apparently, but beating Warren.